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In today’s competitive market, service is one of few areas of differentiation. Excellent service helps you to build stronger customer relationships and helps to grow your business. A key issue of service excellence is how effectively your company manages a service call and response. Studies show 96% of customers won’t complain outright to the company when they had a bad experience, but 86% will simply not return. In markets where multi-brand service formats are emerging and commoditization of market, this spell doom for service revenues. Do you know customers like service desk to pick their call by third ring and say hello! Studies show that 60% of customers feel waiting for more than one minute is too long and irritating.  Customers also expect their complaints registered quickly and effectively, all within 3 minutes flat. Studies show 73% of customers blamed horrible service when they had to repeat their complaint to multiple people in the company. Satisfaction level dropped from 90% to 85% when it was two people and 73% when they had to explain to the third. Once they share basic data, expectation is that the company has methods to what was brought by them, the product, model, and likely associated problems. Customers expect you to fly service team as quickly as possible to attend their challenge. They like to know who is being dispatched and when he/she likely to reach their gates. Once the technician reaches their abode, they expect technician to have arrived with all required tools and spares to solve their problem. They surely expect technician qualified enough to identify all issues and solve them.  A bad experience with a technician soured their ratings to a markdown of 54%. What is most satisficing for a customer is even when wait was longer, first time service quality. An American Express study found only 2% felt service exceeded expectations, while a whopping 33% felt services were below par. If issue gets repeated within a week of resolution, customer rating of brand dropped from good to buy to passover.

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Companies that have mastered service call management follow common principles:  efficient service call desk, deeper customer info and its easy access, visibility of on field resources, transparency of schedules and effective management of promised delivery. Great field service call management software can go a long way to solve all the above problems. Atarw’s service call dispatching and technician scheduling software has some fantastic features.

  • Complaints can be through Customer Portal, Mobile App, E-mail, SMS or Telecall
  • Easy access of customer contact information set their communication preferences, billing terms, etc.
  • Creates estimates and works in seconds with pre-populated product and service line item
  • Email estimates and confirmations using pre-set templates
  • View workloads before assigning work
  • Visual scheduler for quick scheduling and assignment
  • Instant service call information to technicians and users
  • Instantaneous notification of job acceptance or rejections
  • Integration with other stand-alone system or ERP
  • Real-time updates and changes in schedules and resource to reduce revenue and service leakages
  • Parts availability and visibility of multiple locations
  • Recommendation for next service with parts and action to be taken
  • Create invoices for a single job or multiple job on the same invoice.
  • Obtain feedback as soon as the service is completed and straight from the customer.
  • Completely web based, cloud enabled.
  • Works with all mobile devices.